(STORY) How does TIME TRAVEL in the game work?

The glorious tower, and how it connects to the original house spatially The glorious white tower – as Mr Kittens calls it, is the home of the Finches of the future, though Mr Kittens thinks it is full of cats. It was built in the shape of a virus, reflecting Max’s grandmother’s views about humanityContinue reading “(STORY) How does TIME TRAVEL in the game work?”

(STORY) What’s the function of the DEMO?

To introduce the game, of course. i.e. To set up the entire scope of the game, show potential players that I am developing a fun, well thought out world, and ideally, get them hooked on the big weird ideas and the humour, style of puzzles and characters (Not much then!). They should have questions atContinue reading “(STORY) What’s the function of the DEMO?”