Brain In A Jar is a tiny little production company that is slowly, lovingly, making a science fiction point and click adventure game called Kittenface Saves the World and, more wildly and haphazardly, a web series called COMRADES 2399. They are both set in the same fictional English town: Over Lyme.

The game is currently in the Alpha phase of development. It is planned as an episodic release, starting with a demo of the prologue expected some time in 2021. The pilot of the sitcom is currently undergoing various drafts and is also expected some time in 2021.

Brain in a Jar is the brain child of Sam Bunn, a British artist living and working in Linz, Austria. It continues Bunn’s more left field explorations of ‘better worlds’ inside a more mainstream shell.

Bunn (writer, designer, programmer, illustrator) is working with British musician and editor Tom Pegg (music, editing) and Austrian artist Katharina Lackner (link) (inking) to develop the game, using Adventure Creator inside of Unity.

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